23 Oct, 2018

Why should I apply through CONusio?

We guarantee discretion. With your application through CONusio you will remain anonymous to the point where you decide that a company may interest you. We will respect confidentiality at all times and strictly adhere to all of your indivudual requests regarding your personal information.

We are at your service. At CONusio only one application is needed even though we might research possible placements for you with numerous companies. This will save both time and expenses for you. Another benefit is that your application ┬┤will be introduced to a wider employment market.

We provide a wide-ranging service. CONusio's methods differ considerably from other human resource consultancies which operate only in specialised areas of business, while our approach is broader, focused on general functions rather than special business sectors. We are therefore able to provide a wide range of experts and opportunities across the classic market boundaries. This is a clear advantage for any applicant as CONusio has expert knowledge of special professional requirements and can advise individually without the limitations of serving only selected fields of business.

We know the market. Business relationships with our clients have solidly developed over a number of years and are built on a great amount of trust in the services we provide. Our clients range from all areas of business and the industry, including IT and manufacturing companies, the automotive industry, telefommunication providers, the consumer goods industry and the general service sector.  We help in the recruitment of various management positions as well as specialists and experts in the areas of sales, purchasing, marketing and finance.

We provide comprehensive support. Upon receipt of your CV and application you will constantly be kept up to date on each and every step taken by us, from the first entry into our applicants' database up to the time of a successful placement. Along the way there will always be a contact person who will advise you on what next career steps to take and what future prospects you may have.

We operate throughout Europe. Should you consider a career abroad or if you are about to move into the German employment market from another country, CONusio is who you should be talking to. As all of CONusio's team members have spent time working abroad, we possess a high level of intercultural experience and cooperate with international colleagues and companies.

We show you new opportunities. Even if you have not yet considered a change or a move from your present position, applying through CONusio may open up new opportunities and challenges for your professional career.

We'll guide you along - now and then. Upon request we'll gladly keep in touch with you, even long after a successful placement, should you consider another career change at som future point - provided this means no conflict of interest with our company clients, of course.