23 Oct, 2018

What we can do for you

Methodical recruiting. Core element of our operations is the classic personnel search. In close cooperation with our clients we carefully develop the most successful and cost effective strategy for staff recruitment, in the process applying both the traditional methods of direct candidate approach and usage of available media as researching within our own extensive candidate pool. Beginning with a first requirement draft for the vacant position, the process up to the final contract signature usually  takes between 7 and 10 weeks.

Human Resources Consulting tailor-made. HR Consulting requires a careful, measured approach. Our services must fit your business and can only be of success if the consultant has a clear picture of the requirements and sprecifications of both - the client and the candidate. A consultant has to hav a skilled sense of identifying  the client's individual tasks and problems to come upt with the right decisions and the optmised solutions.

Human Resources with empathy. This is why we come to you - to obtain a clear picture of your company and the department in which a position has to be filled, to evaluate the internal structures and hierarchies as well as the necessary skills an applicant needs to have. Our objective is to provide a candidate who not only fulfils all professional requirements but will also have the right personal characteristics to become a valued company member and team player.

Human Resources Expertise with expert market knowledge. We consult comprehensively in all matters of personnel recruiting. With our in-depth knowledge of the market we can identify and contact the qualified management candidates you are looking for. We will submit a professional and detailed expertise of each candidate's professional and personal skills, evaluated through the latest interview techniques and year-long human resources experience.

CONusio: Professional and transparent. We guarantee our clients the highest level of expertise and transparency throughout the recruitment process, and will also keep in touch with you after a candidate's placement to be absolutely sure of your complete satisfaction with our services.